Charles Munka (aka Ques) - Profile - BTS Radio

Born in Lyon, France, Charles Munka (aka Ques) was raised and studied art in the city before living much of his adult life in Asia. Initially making the move to Japan to work in the video game industry, he later moved to Shanghai and now resides in Hong Kong.

Those familiar with BTS and Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder crew will recognize his craft. A member of the French art collective LCP United, Munka's style is strongly influenced by hip-hop and the progressive L.A. beat scene. Spanning multiple continents and absorbing the raw data of his surroundings, Munka calls his work a type of mind map. Blending more traditional aspects of graffiti and his identification with contemporary and historical imagery from film, video games, ancient symbols and pop refrences.

In thoroughly modern fashion, Munka connected with Andrew Meza on MySpace in 2005. Shortly afterwards, the two began collaborating on logos and designs for the BTS sound.

He was first widely recognized for his 'Finest Elements' pieces, a series of animated representations of artists such as MF DOOM, Madlib, J Dilla, Flying Lotus and RZA, among other notable producers and MCs.

Munka has toured extensively throughout Asia, America and Europe creating his art live at Brainfeeder events and most recently, during Andrew Meza's DJ stop in Hong Kong.

Munka is currently coming off of an extremely successful art show in Kanazawa, Japan with Los Angeles based producer/artist, Teebs. The two displayed and collaborated on several pieces for the event, many of which are now in private collections. His first US exhibition took place in Los Angeles last May and included DJ sets from Ras G, Samiyam, Dibiase and Andrew Meza.

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